We present you a paper ahead of its time.

Navigator premium inkjet delivers the fastest and most perfect printings while combining the best natural resources with the most advanced papermaking technology is no longer a utopia.


Regarded as a global benchmark, the Navigator industrial complex combines pulp production with paper manufacture, and is home to the world’s largest and most sophisticated uncoated wood free paper machine, which produces more than 500 thousand tons of paper a year at a rate of 30 meters per second. It also holds the largest nurseries for certified forest plants in Europe with a capacity of producing 12 million plants each year.


Not only does Eucalyptus globulus - a 100% natural ingredient - have the best-quality fiber, it also requires less wood to produce the same amount of paper. Up to 46% less when compared to some other conifers. This way, our responsibly managed forests give you the best while protecting the environment.




The Future's Fiber


Navigator Premium Inkjet is specially designed for high-speed inkjet printing equipment and applications. Navigator’s new UHD Formula translates into a special surface treatment that maintains the color pigment near the surface, ensuring top definition with vivid colors, sharp contrasts and fast drying and adhesion.


With Navigator UHD your printing quality improves up to 40%*

*Color Gamut Area measurements in absolute terms on inkjet printing


Navigator Premium Inkjet guarantees superior printing quality and offers optimized physical properties that simplify your processes and allow you to get the most out of any converting and printing:

  • Advanced water absorption mechanism
  • Reduced ink-drying time
  • Compatible with both dye and pigment inks
  • Prevents show-through even in color printing
  • Excellent image definition and color contrast
  • Extensive color gamut and high optical density
  • Tested with high-speed inkjet presses – optimum usability guaranteed
  • Good flatness in post-printing

FULL RANGE NOW AVAILABLE 50lb, 54lb, 60lb AND 67.5lb.

Available in rolls and large format sheets.

RICOH, OCÉ, IMPIKA, HP AND SCREEN have already tested and approved Navigator Premium Inkjet.

Full Range Now Available
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Navigator Premium Inkjet


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Navigator Premium Inkjet


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Navigator Premium Inkjet


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Navigator Premium Inkjet

Brochure Market Reseach

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Navigator Premium Inkjet

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Navigator Premium Inkjet

Sell Sheet - USA

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Navigator Premium Inkjet

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The future is jam-free

99.99% jam-free perfomance

Navigator Premium Inkjet ensures the optimal balance between paper rigidity and thickness to provide 99.99% jam-free performance. This means one jam for every 10,000 sheets, as opposed to 5 jams for other office papers. Using Navigator Premium Inkjet offers a potential gain in productivity and fewer processing errors.

The future means less costs

Navigator Premium Inkjet will technical problems, reduce unnecessary costs and increase flexibility - one product for several applications with a stock cost reduction.

Main Applications

Invoices; receipts; account statements; credit and debit notes; dispatch notes; personalized leaflets and mailings; catalogues; brochures; newsletters and more.

Navigator Premium Inkjet will ensure that your printed masterpiece will look exactly as you want it – impressive.